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Welcome to Square Butte Brittanys, home of some of the best gun dogs being bred today.  We have achieved national recognition in our breeding program over the last 27 years with 3 consecutive generations of NSTRA Field Champions, and 5 generations of field trial winners.  Our out-cross dogs have won in both the field and the show ring. 

Although we have won with every dog we have campaigned, and won more than any kennel in Montana over this time, our greatest compliments come from the buyers of our dogs who call and tell me how happy they are with their dogs as hunters and companions.  Our dogs are healthy, friendly companions with incredible noses, solid retrieving instincts, and great instinctual talent on birds.

This has been done starting with one dog, Sir Benjamin of Bozeman, who was bred to the best females we could find in the Brittany gene pool.  Because he was liver and white and was not famous then, he was bred sparingly, but his sons carried on the program and his pre-potency came through. 

At Square Butte Brittanys, we strive to create natural bird dogs that require minimal training.  The wild birds we hunt are the grindstones by which we hone our dogs to achieve greatness.   We have created outstanding dogs for 27  years and will continue to do so…   Good hunting .


For information about Square Butte Brittanys, E-mail to courtright@bresnan.net or call at 406.727.5271.

You can write to us at:

Square Butte Brittanys
305 9th Ave. SW
Great Falls, Montana 59404


Blazen' Annies Abel
4x NSTRA Field Champion; 3x Big Sky High Point Runner Up;
2003 NSTRA Purina Endurance Championship 3rd Runner Up;
2006 Big Sky NSTRA Regional Championship 3rd Runner Up

Benjamin's Effortless Gait
3x NSTRA Field Champion;
2005 NSTRA Big Sky Regional Champion
2007 Regional Elimination 2nd Runner Up

First Generation Blaze
5x NSTRA Field Champion;
3x Montana NSTRA Dog of the Year;
2000 NSTRA Big Sky High Point Winner;
5 Placements at National NSTRA Qualifying Trials

Sir Benjamin Of Bozeman
NSTRA Field Champion;
OFA Excellent

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